From Ginger

Posted on by Ginger Power

It’s time now. The summer sun is just a memory in my skin. The last tomatoes have withered on the vine, and frost-crisped leaves are beginning to fall. It’s time for my husband and me to begin our seasonal journey from the farms of Oregon to the mountains of Utah. It’s also time—high time—for me to begin this conversation with you.

For over 15 years I’ve owned and operated this farm-to-table catering business in Hood River, Oregon. That’s longer than “farm-to-table” was even a term that spilled easily from most people’s lips. But now that food has become a national discussion, I think it’s only appropriate for us—both you and me—to join in.

On this blog you’ll find favorite seasonal recipes, news about the sustainable food movement, updates from all of us on the Cultivate team, photos of meals we’ve prepared recently and the farms where these meals began. But this is not a monologue.

We’d love to hear from you either here in the comment section on this blog, or on any of these social sites where we’re setting up shop. We’re just getting going, but stay tuned for fresh content. I wish we could share this conversation over a bottle of pinot and a bowl of fresh figs. But until then, please join me at this digital table.

— Ginger