About Cultivate

What does it mean to Cultivate? Our sense is to reach deep and bring our authentic selves to the table, to honor our relations with our staff (most of who have now reached family status), to respect those who labor to produce and harvest these wonderful gifts of the earth, and to provide you with a new standard by which to measure graciousness. 

In order to create authentic, joyful dining experiences that are vegetable-forward with hyper-seasonal, organic ingredients, we source directly from Oregon and Washington farmers, ranchers, fishermen and foragers. Our keen intuition, years of experience and trusted relationships with local producers result in the purest food sourcing and most sustainable operation imaginable. We approach each event with the belief that lovingly prepared food is a vehicle for bringing communities together in shared celebration.

We bring love and handcrafted attention to every innovative dish we prepare. There is an intimacy in our relationship to food that translates into unforgettable dining experiences, where flavors burst honestly on the tongue.