Our Approach

When we talk about serving organic, farm-direct food, we’re not just saying that because it sounds nice. All of us at Cultivate are passionate about our food sourcing, and choose conscious eating even when we’re preparing food only for ourselves and not for hundreds of guests.

Our deep ties to the regional food system and our intimate relationships with local farmers are reflected in the micro-seasonality of our menus. And, our commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in everything from our recycling and composting systems to our water conservation methods.

At Cultivate, our environment is fun, but our purpose is serious. Our events are joyous celebrations, full of whimsy and delight. Always though, they are anchored by a noble and weighty intention, whether that be a marriage vow or simply an informal recommitment to community. Most importantly, we’re serious about making your event an absolutely unforgettable experience.